In May 2014, Anna Bisset’s Art Classes at Wanstead House were given the opportunity to mark the Centenary of WW1 in 2014. Collaborating with Jeanne Holland-Young and the Creative Writing Group based at Wanstead House, students were invited to respond to original poems, monologues and letters created by the group. New and original artworks were produced which portrayed ideas and feelings about many personal experiences of the war, some illustrating the disturbing events that took place. 
It was a chance to share some of the difficulties that many families faced and appreciate how people suffered not just on the battlefield but at home at this tumultuous time and over subsequent years.
The artwork filled the walls at the public reading in June 2014 and formed part of an exhibition of work from the whole Art Department at Redbridge Institute marking the Centenary of WW1 in Sept 2014.
See artwork  below.